Professional Development


 National Common Core Standards and NCDPI Essential Standards

Preparing for National Common Core Standards Initiative and NCDPI Essential Standards in the coming years must include highly correlated professional development between the NC Department of Public Instruction and the Bladen County School system in order to ready our instructional and administrative workforce.

Rigorous skills and knowledge of the National Common Cores and NC State Essentials need to be effectively trained if they are to be effectively taught.  Our students must be college and career ready, and our teachers and administrators must raise the bar in order to prepare our students for the global economic workplace.  The BCS district has just started on the first step of the journey with a district-wide presentation through the collaboration of NCDPI Regional 4 Representative Maynor and our BCS Curriculum and Instruction department on February 3, 2011.

Our professional development and training must be driven by a) effective policy and practice, b) the use high order thinking skills, c) rigorous content and applications of knowledge using the Revised Bloom's Taxonomy, d) research and evidence-based findings, and e) international benchmarking so that all our students are prepared for the 21st Century and beyond.

  The Bladen County School system has set:

  ••  Goals as a whole that is essential, rigorous, clear, specific, coherent, and internationally benchmarked

••  Essentials that define knowledge and skills students should have to be ready to succeed if they enter college or career

••   Rigor with high-level cognitive demands through asking students to demonstrate deep understanding through application of content knowledge and skills to new situations

••   Clear and specific guidance and clarity of standards that are teachable, learnable, and measurable

••   Grade by grade standards that aligns instruction to standards

••   International benchmarking that use content, rigor, and organization of standards

  Along with these standards and essentials listed above, the NCDPI is in the process of aligning and rolling out our professional development by using the Race to the Top, NC Falcon, Accountability and Curriculum Reform Effort (ACRE), and State Writing Components to build a seamless initiative through face to face, online, and train-the-trainer model.  Stay tune for further developments as the NCDPI establishes a Professional Development Repository and the BCS district follows suit to correlate training.


From the Curriculum and Instruction Department