Online Learning for Students

 North Carolina Virtual Public School

Please contact the Curriculum Department at (910) 862-4136 
for questions concerning NCVPS.

Bladen County Middle and High School students have the opportunity to enroll in online classes through North Carolina Virtual Public School (NCVPS). 

Students must:

·     discuss their needs with the School Counselor and/or Principal,

·     review the attached links to familiarize student with NCVPS.

·     complete the  application (found in Forms tab),

·     get signatures of approval from their Counselor and Parent,

·     submit the application to the principal to approve enrollment and registration. 

·     Review Characteristics of Successful Online Learners below.

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North Carolina Virtual Public School

Contract for NC VPS Courses

If you have questions or concerns about NCVPS from Bladen County Schools, please contact Caroline Godwin, 6-12 Curriculum and Instruction Specialist at (910) 862-4136 ext. 150, or by email at or your student’s guidance counselor at his/her school.


Characteristics of Successful Online Learners

While distance learning opportunities provide tremendous benefits to students in regards to course offerings, student-centered instruction, flexible scheduling, and heightened critical thinking and written communication skills, there are specific learner characteristics that promote greater student success in online learning environments. The following guidelines may assist in identifying students for distance learning opportunities.

  • Autonomous learners are generally skilled in the areas of responsibility and self regulation, necessary for managing course assignments and deadlines through online environments.
  • Academically motivated learners commonly exhibit an internal locus of control, affording online students the persistence necessary in achieving desired goals.
  • Grade level reading ability is a critical determinant of student success in online environments, as much of the course is delivered through written communication.
  • Proficiency in written communication is required of students, as online courses are dependent not only upon live classroom discussions but also upon group discussion boards and written assignment submissions.
  • Basic computer skills are necessary for students to function in an online learning environment, as students will utilize word processing software, email capabilities, and Internet resources in completing assignments and activities.
  • Parental support has also been found to promote student success in online learning, as parents will generally work to ensure students meet deadlines and have the necessary resources available to them.
  • Computer and Internet access at home, although not required, can certainly provide an advantage to students participating in distance learning courses, as students, many times, prefer to continue their work on assignments and communications outside of their regular school, or even take courses at home during the evening or on week-ends.