504 Information for Schools

504 reminders and updates for schools:
  • 504 plans not requiring homebound services are automatically approved once the school-based 504 plan is approved at the school level. 
  • 504 plans requiring homebound services must be approved at both the school and district level and must meet the criteria outlined in the district's homebound manual (see PDF attachment below).  The school should contact Mrs. White-Smith as soon as it becomes aware of a possible need for homebound and no later than 24 hours within holding a 504 meeting in which homebound is considered. 
  • Printed copies of all 504 plans should be sent via inter-office mail or hand delivered to Mrs. White-Smith in the EC Office within 5 school days.  Testing accommodation documents should be sent to Mr. Hinson in the testing office within 5 school days of the team's decision. 
  • Parents who request that 504 services be considered should receive prompt invitations to meetings and should receive notices of decisions made in writing. 
  • Plans should be renewed at the beginning of each school year.  The 504 committee at each school determines the official end date for the 504 plan, but typically these plans are in effect for one school year.
  • The principal designates a person at the school level who is responsible for sending copies of previous 504 plans to schools when a child transfers or is promoted from one school to another. 
  •  Schools are encouraged to follow up via email to notify Mrs. White-Smith that a form in being sent just in case the printed copy of the form is lost in the mail.  Schools should follow district and school procedures for transmitting confidential information.
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