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Technology and Digital Teaching and Learning

Jason B. Atkinson, Ed.S, CETL, CeCTO 
Chief Technology Officer

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the Department of Technology and Digital Teaching and Learning.  Our department provides technical and instructional support for every school and administrative office in the district.  Our departmental mission is to empower students, teachers, administrators, staff, and the community to become lifelong, independent learners in a 21st century environment through the application and support of technological resources. 

The use and application of technological resources are a critical component for providing engaging lessons and opportunities for hands-on learning through real-life and virtual experiences.  In years past, the technology skills curriculum was taught and assessed independently of all other subject areas.  It is now an expectation that teachers embed the North Carolina Information Technology Essential Standards in all content areas on a daily basis.  As a department, we are committed to continued research of new and innovative technologies that are supportive of enhanced learning opportunities for our students. We also provide a plethora of professional learning opportunities for all employees through personal, small group, large group, professional learning communities (PLCs) and online platforms.

Staff Directory

Jason B. Atkinson, Ed.S, CETL, CeCTO
Chief Technology Officer

Stacey N. Regan-Murphy
Administrative Assistant to the CTO

Hugh (Alec) Clark, MAEd.
Digital Teaching and Learning Specialist

Amy W. Reeves, MS
Digital Teaching and Learning Specialist

Steve S. Bachtel
Network Support Specialist

Jerry Faulkner
Technology Support Specialist

Carla R. Grimes
Technology Support Specialist

Adam Robinson
Technology Support Specialist

Resources and Links
Policies and Procedures
Work Order System
1:1 Program Information
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Information
Voice over IP (VoIP) Information
Digital Teaching and Learning Competencies
NC Digital Learning Plan
Instructional Technology Resources
NC Digital Learning and Media Inventory Database (NCDLMI)
Follett Destiny Library Search - Bladen
DPI Digital Teaching and Learning Wiki

Online Forms
New Employee E-mail and Network Account Request Form
Instructional Technology Training Request Form
Employee Acceptable Use - Electronic Acknowledgement Form
Social Media Procedures - Electronic Acknowledgement Form
Digital Teaching and Learning Lab Request Form
Troubleshooting Checklist for Work Order System
Chromebook Repair Slips for Teachers and Students
East Bladen HS - Student 1:1 Device Repair Request Form
West Bladen HS - Student 1:1 Device Repair Request Form
Request for Approval of Google Apps
Request for Approval of iOS (Apple) Apps

Contact Us

PO Box 37
179 Newkirk Street Extension
Elizabethtown, NC 28337
(910) 247-4411
Fax: 1-855-615-8426