• Parents please teach your children these simple school bus safety guidelines. This will help them to understand the importance of good behavior on and around the school bus.

    #1 Safety Rule: Always Stay Where the Driver Can See You!

    Remember the Danger Zone Areas - 10' in the Front, in the Rear, & the Passenger Side outside of the bus.

    •        Be On Time (5 minutes early)
    •        Walk to the Bus, Do Not Run
    •        Stand Back From the Roadway
    •        Stop, Look & Listen Before Crossing the Road
    •        Stay In Your Seat
    •        Speak Quietly
    •        Always Obey the Driver (Follow Driver's Handsignals)
    •        Respect Other Students
    •        No Food or Drinks
    •        Use the Handrail to Exit
    •        Do Not Push or Shove
    •        Stay Within the Drivers View
    •        Always Cross 10 Feet In Front of the Bus

    Please refer to the code of conduct booklets provided by Bladen County Schools for more details regarding the school bus passenger.