• As the Transportation Department prepares for the 2020-2021 school year, we want you to know that we are focused on providing the safest transportation service for our families centered on the requirements and recommendations set forth by North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services NCDPI.  Some of the requirements that need to be in place prior to students being transported under each of the reopening schools' plans as identified by the state include: 

    • Seating capacity requirements (July 14, 2020)  
    • Buses will allow at least one child per seat, with a minimum of 24 students with a maximum of 48 students (on a 72-capacity bus). Siblings or members of the same household are permitted to share the same seat with no more than 2 students per seat.
    • Cloth face coverings will be required for all staff and students during the school day, including on transportation vehicles, inside school buildings, and generally when on school grounds.  Wearing cloth face coverings and/or face shields is most important when students and staff cannot maintain 6 feet of distance between each other. 
    • Per Governor Roy Cooper's public announcement on July 14, 2020, students and staff will be provided with 5 reusable/washable face masks upon return to school.
    • Disposable masks will be available upon request for staff, students, and visitors who do not have a mask in order to enter a district building.
    • Hand sanitizer (with at least 60% alcohol) will be provided to each driver and safety assistant in 8-ounce bottles for personal use and for distribution to older students (upon request). Drivers will squeeze or pump the sanitizer into the student's hands.  Older students can request hand sanitizer when entering and exiting the bus.
    • A pre-boarding screening plan is currently being developed and will be shared on this site as soon as it is ready. 

    If families are able to transport students, it would be greatly appreciated as it will help us reduce the number of students on a bus at one time and the length of the ride.  Due to possible restrictions regarding the number of students who will be permitted on the bus at a time, students will not be allowed to ride the bus with a friend.  In addition, students requiring bus transportation must ride to and from their designated bus stop.

    last updated July 29, 2020