• Bladen County Schools is committed to meeting the needs of all of our students. We value our relationships and communication with our families and want to hear from you with any concerns you may have regarding your child. With the continued support and dedicated work of our Board of Education, our staff, and community partners, BCS will continue to push to be first in meeting the needs of our students.  

    Please contact your school’s social worker to alert them of any needs including food, mental health, and social-emotional needs.

    We will need your help to continue to keep all of our students as safe as possible during the next school year.   Please reach out to your school administrators, your school nurse, or your school social worker if you have any questions or concerns. 

    Connection Between SEL & Academics

    We recognize that a student’s social-emotional well-being is paramount to their academics and ability to achieve success. As such we are preparing to support students through various methods and with community support. Bladen County Schools recognizes that the Coronavirus Pandemic may have affected students' coping skills and the ability to process all that is happening in our world today. Should the need arise, please consider contacting your school-based social worker regarding support and within the community.


    Role of Counselors & Social Workers

    Bladen County Schools has three social workers in the district and at least one counselor at every school. We utilize our social workers to serve as liaisons between families, schools, and the community. They serve on student support teams within their schools and work with the school staff to provide comprehensive services for students. They are available to aid and support to students, parents, school staff, and administration.

    School counselors provide a comprehensive, developmental counseling program that addresses the academic, career, and personal/social-emotional development of all students.  In partnership with other educators, parents, or guardians, and the community-based supports, school counselors facilitate the support system to ensure all students within BCS have access to and are prepared with knowledge and skills to contribute at the highest level as productive members of society. 

    SEL is a teaching strategy we’re building into our lessons at Bladen County Schools that focuses on life skills. 

    The idea behind SEL is simple: in addition to academic skills, students need to learn how to understand and manage their emotions, to set goals, to show empathy, and to build positive relationships. 

    More than 20 years of research shows that teaching students these life skills early leads to more success for young adults when it comes to their education, employment, and mental health. SEL also helps your student overcome challenges, reject peer pressure, learn from mistakes, and positively control their emotions. 

    During this tough time, you have the perfect opportunity to support your children--especially those who might be feeling anxious or unsure--through SEL practices. And making it a part of your day doesn’t have to be hard! 

    Below are  a few ideas that will help you and your child work on these skills: 

    • Read stories together about children overcoming challenges
    • Encourage your student to celebrate their accomplishments every day--for example, suggest they do a “touchdown dance” when finishing a particularly hard assignment
    • Ask your child what they are looking forward to today 
    • Ask your child to tell you about something funny that happened to them
    • Discuss skills that can help them stay focused and reach their goals

    In addition to these ideas, you can find dozens of articles, videos, and resources about including SEL in your day here: SEL Parent Resources

    When students build their life skills, in addition to the academic ones, we're helping them reach their full potential. 


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    last updated July 29, 2020