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Strategic Plan

Bladen County Schools Mission

Bladen County Schools will ensure all students are future-ready by providing meaningful learning experiences in an inclusive and supportive environment.

Bladen County Schools Vision

Bladen County Schools will provide a student-focused learning community that fosters high expectations for all stakeholders and prepares all students for future success.

Core Values

Innovation: We will embrace forward-thinking and creativity to transform our schools.

Integrity: We will communicate and act in a trustworthy manner to build genuine relationships through self awareness, transparency, accountability, and responsibility.

Inspiration: We will foster an environment that empowers all students and staff with enthusiasm and motivation.

Inclusion: We will value all people for who they are, nurture diversity, and embrace the contributions of all stakeholders to strengthen our learning community.

Download a copy of our 2022-2027 Strategic Plan by clicking on the image below.

First page of the PDF file: StrategicPlanBooklet