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SST - Student Support Team

The Student Support Team (SST) is a general education function. It is a school-based problem-solving group designed to provide schools with an efficient, effective, and clearly defined procedure for providing assistance to students, teachers, and parents. The purpose of the SST is to find paths to success for any student that is referred to the Student Support Team.
When a teacher identifies a student who demonstrates behavioral/emotional difficulties, academic difficulties, medical and health-related needs, physical limitations, or absenteeism, which significantly limits their success in school, the teacher attempts to eliminate those concerns by implementing strategies in the classroom. If those strategies are not successful, the teacher may request assistance from the School's Student Support Team. A referral to the SST may also be generated by an administrator or parent.
􀂁ST membc;-􀂆 consider d;:􀂊a the te;;c!,er co!!octs to docu;􀂔-,2nt the co.;corn exam pk􀂜: (grade3, :JOG scores, benchmark scores, mClass data, common assessments, attendance, iReady, daily behavior charts, etc). After collecting data, the SST members design an implementation plan that includes a monitoring and evaluation component to determine the effectiveness of the intervention. Student Support Teams are MOST effective in schools in which all school staff have responsibility for all students and are skilled in engaging in collaborative problem solving.