• Various sports equipment

    The Bladen County Athletic Department  consists of middle and high school athletics. 

    Athletics in Bladen County are part of our educational community that educates the entire child. Sportsmanship is one of our most sought after attributes which characterize generosity and genuine concern for others on and off the playing field.  Playing fair takes the victory without gloating or the lose of defeat without complaint.  Utilizing self control, being courteous and accepting outcomes displays proper ethical behavior by exhibiting good character which enables us to do the right thing. We ask all in attendance (Parents, Fans, Players,and Coaches) to show respect for the opposing team at all times and to know and appreciate the skills of the opposing team. Student athletes are expected to respect responsibilities and privileges of representing their schools and the district at all times by being a good role model and accepting victory and defeat with pride and compassion.  

    Our middle schools particpate in the Waccamaw Conference which consist of Columbus County Middle Schools and Bladen County Middle Schools.

    Bladen County Middle schools: Bladenboro Middle, Clarkton School of Discovery, Elizabethtown Middle and Tar Heel Middle. 

    Columbus County Middle Schools are: Nakina, Williams Township, Hallsboro, Central (Whiteville City Middle), Acme-Delco and Tabor City.

    Students in our middle schools can play the following sports:

    ·     Football - only 7th & 8th grades

    ·     Soccer - 6th-8th grades (Boys & Girls)

    ·     Baseball - 6th-8th grades

    ·     Softball - 6th-8th grades

    ·     Basketball - 6th-8th grades (Girls & Boys)

    ·     Volleyball - 6th-8th grades

    ·     Cheerleading -6th-8th grades

    Our two high schools, East Bladen and West Bladen, compete in the 3A/2A Waccamaw Conference that includes the following schools: West Brunswick, Whiteville, South Brunswick, North Brunswick, and South Columbus.  Sports offered in our High Schools are:

    ·     Football

    ·     Basketball (Girls & Boys)

    ·     Tennis

    ·     Soccer

    ·     Baseball

    ·     Softball

    ·     Volleyball

    ·     Golf

    ·     Track (Girls & Boys)

    ·     Cheerleading