• What is Title I?

    Title I is short for "Part A of Title I of the Improving America's Schools Act of 1994, Reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965."  Title I took effect July 1, 1995, replacing Chapter I. The Elementary and Secondary Education Act was reauthorized in 2001 and is commonly referred to as The No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB). 

    Title I is supplemental federal funding that provides extra academic support and learning opportunities for children farthest from meeting challenging state standards.  Title I helps Bladen County Schools by supplementing and improving the regular education programs offered at Title I schools.  The goal is to help students meet the State Standards.


    How does a school become a Title I School?

    The number of students that qualify for Free and/or Reduced Lunch is used to determine the district-wide poverty and school poverty levels.


    Who is served by Title I?

    In Title I programs, children farthest away from meeting the State Standards mut be considered first.  Services are based on academic needs of individual children, not on the poverty of a child or his/her family.  Title I can serve migrant children, Limited English Speaking proficient children, children who are homeless, children with disabilities and any child who is in academic need.


    What services are provided by Title I?

    The types of services depend on the school.  The types of services are limited only by the vision of the school and by solid researched based programs and practices.  Services must support a child's ability to master the standards of the curriculum.

    Title I can provide tutoring, special teachers in reading and/or mathematics, pre-school programs. extended day/year programs, learning laboratories, professional development for teachers and parents and home-school liaisons.  Title I schools are required to meet state and federal mandates for achievement called Annual Measurable Objectives (AMOs).


    Bladen County Title I Schools

    Nine Bladen County Schools operate Title I school wide programs.  They are Bladen Lakes School, Bladenboro Primary School, Dublin Primary School, East Arcadia School, Elizabethtown Primary School, Plain View School, Bladenboro Middle School, Elizabethtown Middle School and Tar Heel Middle School.