• The Bladen County Dropout Prevention Coordinator is Kimbrie Esters. She is providing the following information for your review and assistance. If you would like to speak to her personally, her office is at the Bladen County Board of Education building or she can be contacted by phone at (910) 862-4136.

    The goal of our Dropout Prevention Program is to provide students with whatever assistance is needed to help them obtain a high school diploma.

    Currently, we have several programs in place to assist students who need information, guidance, or additional academic support.

    School Guidance Programs are staffed with counselors who serve in the following ways:

    • As students advocates
    • To help students evaluate their abilities, interests, talents, and personalities to develop realistic academic and career goals
    • To help students understand and deal with social, behavioral, and personal problems
    • To emphasize preventive measures so that students can deal with problems before they worsen
    • To provide conflict resolution
    • To try to identify cases of domestic abuse and other family problems that can affect a student's development
    • To help students cope

    After School Tutorials are student-teacher agreements in which teachers provide short term assistance to students who are having academic challenges in their classes.

    Credit Recovery is a program offered at both of our high schools. Any student who has previously taken a course and was unsuccessful in earning credit for that course is eligible to participate. Two sessions of credit recovery are offered each semester.

    Section 504. This is a legal requirement of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 which covers students whose life activities are restricted as to the conditions, manner, or duration under which they can perform in comparison to most people. The individual in this program may be REGARDED as having such an impairment. Students who are in accidents, who are hospitalized, who have some type of physical impairment, girls who many need to remain at home for pregnancy issues - all are covered under Section 504. The Section 504 coordinator for Bladen County is the Exceptional Children's Director.

    North Carolina Virtual Public Schools (NCVPS) - Students may enroll in this program through their home schools. They have to have their principal's permission and signature. All assignments align with the goals of the Standard Course of Study. Students who enroll in NCVPS courses should have access to a high speed computer, they should have strong reading and comprehension skills, and they need to be proficient at monitoring their own progress, keeping up with assignments, and meeting deadlines.

    Students who have academic or behavior issues may attend our alternative program at each high school. Students who have short-term suspensions may also attend so that they can continue their assignments without interruption.

    APEX is available for students. It is an on-line program that can be used for Credit Recovery and Alternative Learning Programs at each High School. APEX can also be used, witht he Principal's permission, by students who are on long-term suspension.

    Dropouts are everyone's concern. Crime and unemployment figures rise in relation to dropout percentages.

    For more Bladen County dropout information, you may view this powerpoint.