• College courses may be taken with the approval of the college curriculum liaison specialist and the school principal.  All appropriate prerequisites must be met as outlined in the course of study. College classes and materials are provided without charge for students who successfully complete all requirements (this does not include summer semester courses; students are financially responsible for classes taken in the summer).  Students who satisfactorily complete college classes receive both a high school credit and a college credit. It is an expectation that all BECHS students are to register and complete all college course work as part of their high school career/pathway of study

    High School Courses- High School courses include four (4) core high school course requirements (English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies).  Elective credit toward a student’s high school diploma comes from college courses.

    All Bladen Early College High School students will meet the minimum University of North Carolina graduation requirements.  This includes Honors or AP level courses in the following categories: English I, II, III, and IV; Math I, II, III, Pre-Calculus and Functions and Modeling, Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry and/or Physical Science, World History, Civics, American History I and American History II, four units of a Career Technical Education course with one being a second level completer course, and completing two semesters of a Foreign Language.  The remainder of the elective credits will be accumulated through successful completion of your high school and college electives.