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BPS BETA's are Awesome

Bladenboro Primary Proud!  Congratulations to our BETA's for all their accomplishments and recognition at the Convention!

Jayden Ruffin NC Elementary Vice President

Mixed Media     3rd Place
Painting     3rd Place
Sculpture      4th Place
Recyclable Art     2nd Place
Jewelry     3rd Place
Two Dimensional Design    3rd Place
Three Dimensional Design    3rd Place
Apparel Design    2nd Place
Technology    3rd Place
Engineering   1st Place
Songfest  1st Place
Skit    3rd Place

Elementary Performing Arts: Solo Duo Trio- Abbey Nance and Liz Miller   1st Place

Language Arts      Nathan Davis   3rd place
Science    Yonel Martinez-Villeda  4th place
Social Studies    Adyson Carroll    5th place