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eBook Checkout Directions

  • School web page
  • Under Quick Links select Media Center
  • Select East Arcadia Primary School
  • On top right click login- click on login using your Destiny account
  • Username and Password or your student number (powerschool number)
  • On the left sidebar click on Destiny Quest
  • On the Destiny Quest page click Follett Shelf at the top of the page
  • eBooks will be the 4th section titled eBooks
  • Select a book to read - (you can also filter according to your grade or reading level under the filter section)
  • Check it out
  • To read the book go to the lines by Destiny Discover on the left side of the screen, click to open, select checkouts (this will show any eBooks or print books checked out)
  • Open your book and read
  • The book will return automatically on it's due date.
  • To log out- click on the profile circle on the right side of the screen.