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Future Knights - Virtual Transition Day

Future Knights,

We are all disappointed that you didn't get to visit our campus this year for an official tour.  I am so appreciative of everyone that contributed to this virtual tour of our campus so that you can start preparing for your freshman year of high school.  I hope that you enjoy the video and information provided on this page.  Feel free to email me ( if you have additional questions.  We hope to see you this summer for Freshmen Academy!

Dr. Hester


WBHS Virtual Tour

Registration Handbook


1.  How strict is the dress code? 

We follow the BCS dress code policy and expect you to be in dress code each day.  If you are not in dress code, you will call someone to bring you clothes or you will spend the day in ISS.  Repeated occurrences will result in addtional consequences according to the BCS Student Handbook.  On Fridays, you may wear uniform bottoms and a school t-shirt.

Bookbags - All bookbags must be clear or mesh.

Some rooms are colder than others so wear a sweatshirt or jacket that is an approved school color.  Blankets are not allowed.

2.  What is the bell schedule? 

Unless BCS requires us to add time to the school day, our bell schedule is 7:50a.m. until 2:45p.m.  You have four classes each day, approximately 80 minutes in length.  You will take a total of 8 classes during each year of high school.

3.  How is the food?

Our Child Nutrition staff does an excellent job with both breakfast and lunch.  Meals are offered at no cost to students, but you can buy a la carte items if you are still hungry.  Breakfast includes hot and cold selections and smoothies.  You can eat breakfast before school or during our 2nd chance breakfast, which is offered after first period.  You may bring your lunch to school, but no one can bring lunch to you except a parent.  You will be assigned a lunch and you go to lunch with that class.  You do not get to determine your lunch period.

4.  What do I do if I need to change my bus for the day?

Stop by the office with any notes from home that give you permission to ride home with a friend.  These are always verified by our office staff.  You cannot change your bus without permission from the front office.  Also, the office will take all notes from home if you are sick or late because of an appointment.

5.  What if something is wrong with my schedule?

You can change your schedule during the first five days of the semester.  Sometimes your schedule may be changed by administration because of class size or other administrative reasons, but all class changes are completed by the first ten days of school.  Email your counselor for an appointment as soon as you see the need for a change.  Please note that we do not make changes for teacher preferences.

6. What if I can't get into my locker?

Lockers are available for a $5 annual rental fee.  If you have any trouble with your locker, see the Assistant Principal.  You must go to your locker between classes, before school, or after school.

7.  Do we have homeroom?

We usually have homeroom the first 5 days of the school for schedule changes and sharing of information for all students.  Afterwards, we have homeroom each Friday during our intervention time.

8.  What is intervention time?

This is a daily time built into the schedule for you to get assistance from your teacher and work on special projects or assignments from your teacher.  This is not a study hall.

9.  What if I want to play sports?

First and foremost, keep your grades up.  Eligibility is based on the previous semester's grades and attendance.  Second, get a physical.  You cannot participate in workouts or practices without a current physical.  Third, talk to the coach.  Most of our coaches have offices on the A hallway.  Some are not here during the day, so see the Athletic Director if you have questions or need to reach an off-campus coach.

10.  How do I make the most of my high school experience?

Get Connected!  There is a club, organization, or sport for everyone.  If you don't find what you need, talk to your Assistant Principal or Principal about starting your own club.  They will give you information on the guidelines and requirements for starting new clubs.  Participate in your homeroom time.  Freshmen all participate in a special weekly outreach through a group known as Peer Group Connections or PGC.  This group meeting is facilitated by upperclassmen who will help you and be honest about how to navitage high school life.  Make friends.  Even if you aren't a social butterfly, high school is so much more fun with friends. 

11.  What are the high school graduation requirements?

See the high school handbook for the requirements for your cohort of students.  The requirements often change as a result of legislative changes, so make sure that you refer to the handbook for your freshmen class.  If you have questions that aren't answered by the handbook, you should always talk to your counselor or an administrator.  You'll keep the same homeroom teacher for your entire four years of high school, so your homeroom teacher will always be informed and can help.

12.  How is attendance counted in high school?

Attendance is counted by period, and you are only allowed to miss seven classes in any one class.  The seven allowable absences may be excused or unexcused so spread out any medical or dental appointments so that you don't miss them all from one period.  Bring in a note for any absence so that if you have a medical issue, it can be noted.  You risk failing a class if you have more than seven absences in any class.  Tardies are handled as a discipline issue and will result in ISS or OSS.


If you have other questions, email Dr. Hester ( or call the school at (910) 862-2130.  This page will be updated as additional information becomes available.