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Welcome Back to the Castle!

A Message from Dr. Hester....
We are excited to welcome you back to campus next week on your assigned days.  You should have received an email from Mr. Wimert with your days of return and bus pickup time for those that ride the bus.  Please read this email carefully and continue to check your email each day.
  • Friday, October 16th, is the end of the 9 weeks and a remote learning day.  You must submit all assignments by the close of the day, which means 3:00p.m.  Remember that you will have assignments but not live meets, so get any missing assignments submitted.
  • On Monday, October 19th, only those students assigned to AA days will report to the building.  If you are not assigned AA, you cannot attend school on Monday or Tuesday.  If you didn't not get assigned days, you are remaining virtual for the remainder of the semester.  This cannot be changed unless school administration makes the change.
  • On Thursday, October 22nd, students on the BB schedule will report to the school building. 
  • When you are not in the building, you will have your Google Meets and assignments.  You will have instruction all five days of the week.
  • Please note that our schedule has changed to better serve everyone.  This change begins Monday, October 19th.  The new schedule is listed below.
  • All students must wear their masks while in the building except when eating breakfast and lunch in the classrooms or participating in rigorous physical activity (Health/PE, Weight Lifting, Team Sports).  Masks are also required for the entire bus ride.  If you cannot wear your mask, you must provide documentation from the doctor or return to virtual learning.
  • The state of NC has provided 5 masks for each student.  These will be issued Monday morning, but you must have your own mask to get on the bus or enter the building.  Bandanas cannot serve as masks.
  • Please review the dress code.
  • No blankets are allowed, so dress in layers.
  • All hallways will be one way or students will walk to the right side.  We must maintain a social distance of 6' in the classroom and hallways. 
  • Restrooms will be closed during class change, but we will allow students to go to the restroom on a scheduled rotation.
  • Water fountains will not be available.  Water will be provided by the school, but students may bring clear, unopened bottles of water from home.  Hydroflasks and other water bottles that are not clear are not allowed.
  • Students must use clear or mesh bookbags.  Lockers will be provided for each student, but you will be charged if you lose the lock.
  • Please be sure to bring pencils and paper each day.  We are not allowed to share supplies. 
  • Student drivers must purchase their parking spot on Monday or Tuesday for AA students and Thursday or Friday for BB students.  You can pay online now and pick up your parking permit next week.  The cost is $25.  There are no other class fees this year.
  • Your charged laptop must be brought to school each day.  Students are encouraged to charge their laptop at home so that it will be ready for class.  Because of spacing requirements, charging devices at school will be difficult.  Remember to bring headphones/earbuds.
  • You may enter the building at 7:35a.m..  Each student must have a temperature check and a wellness screening.  Parents of bus students will be required to sign an attestation form indicating that they have been checked daily before getting on the bus.  However, everyone will be checked upon arrival at school.  Car students will be checked in the car line before parents are allowed to leave.  Do not exit the vehicle until you have been checked.  Student drivers will exit the vehicle and enter through the A hallway entrance for screening.
  • Hand sanitizing stations have been placed throughout the building.  Please use these stations to sanitize your hands, but remember that hand washing is best.
  • Please be advised that if you miss your assigned day at school, you are counted absent.  For example, if you are assigned AA, but miss Monday for a doctor's appointment, you are counted absent.  You should continue to complete your work, but you MUST be at school on your assigned days.  Students that decide to switch back to virtual must notify the school immediately.
  • Safety of students and staff is paramount.  All safety measures must be adhered to, or you will return home and remain on remote learning for the remainder of the semester.
  • Please check PowerSchool and ensure that correct contact information is available in case an emergency situation arises that requires parent/guardian contact.
  • Seniors, your meningitis booster must be documented and submitted to the school by October 30th or you will be removed from school.
  • We will report to homeroom on Monday morning for AA students and Thursday for BB students.  Please log into PowerSchool and check to ensure that you know the name and location of your homeroom.  Freshmen will receive a copy of their schedule so that they know the location of each classroom.
WBHS 1st Semester Daily Schedule

Daily Check In



1st Period

8:00 a.m.

9:25 a.m.

2nd Period 

9:30 a.m.


3rd Period and Lunch



4th Period