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District to offer tuition reimbursement to teacher assistants

Part of the NC General Assembly's 2017-19 biennium budget included piloting a teacher assistant tuition reimbursement program in several districts. Bladen County Schools will begin piloting the program starting with the 2018-19 school year.

Tuition assistance awards under the program may be provided for part-time or full-time coursework toward a college degree that will result in teacher licensure.

The local board of education may grant a teacher assistant academic leave to pursue coursework that may only be taken during working hours.

A teacher assistant receiving an award under the program shall fulfill the student teaching requirements of an educator preparation program by working in the teacher assistant's employing local school administrative unit.

A teacher assistant shall continue to receive salary and benefits while student teaching in the local school administrative unt in accordance with G.S. 115C-269.30(c). 

Teacher assistants may receive an award up to $4,600 per academic year for a period of up to four years to be used towards the cost of tuition and fees for a teacher assistant to attend an educator preparation program at an institution of higher education.

Priority for awards shall be given to a teacher assistant who received a tuition assistance award for the previous academic year and who is making satisfactory academic progress towards achieving teacher licensure.

The local board of education shall set criteria for the application and selection of teacher assistants to receive tuition assistance awards.

Bladen County Schools will award up to five teacher assistant's per year. Applications will be accepted on a first come and first served basis. Teacher assistant must be employed in a part-time or full-time position. Teacher assistant must be working toward a college degree that will result in teacher licensure from a regionally accredited university.