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School Cafeterias Score 100

The Bladen County Health Department has released January's 2019 latest inspection grades for restaurants, cafeterias, nutrition sites, meat markets, and child-care centers.

The following are those grades for school cafeterias:

• East Bladen, Elizabethtown, 100 percent.

• Bladenboro Middle, Bladenboro, 100 percent.

• Tar Heel Middle, Tar Heel, 100 percent.

• Dublin Primary, Dublin, 100 percent.

• Bladenboro Primary, Bladenboro, 99.5 percent.

• East Arcadia, East Arcadia, 99.5 percent.

• Clarkton School of Discovery, Clarkton, 99 percent.

The following are those grades for school Pre-K facilities:

• East Arcadia Pre-K, East Arcadia, Superior.

With these recent inspections, all twelve Bladen County Schools' cafeterias (with the exception of the Early College that does not have a cafeteria) have scored a grade between 99 and 100 percent.