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Eagles Feeding Eagles

What started out as a heartfelt desire to help a fellow classmate has grown into helping more than a dozen students and families at East Bladen High School.

East Bladen sophomores Michelle Bradley, Victor Campbell, and Isabel Rodgers are the founding coordinators of the East Bladen High School Eagles Feeding Eagles food pantry.  According to national statistics, one in every six kids is facing hunger at home.

In the fall of 2018, Michelle, Victor and Isabel became aware of a fellow classmates’ lack of food at home. They talked with their social studies teachers, Linda Beard and Sunday Allen of how the class could help one of their own classmate’s.

Through a canned food drive and monetary donations, the class was able to provide several weeks worth of food to their classmate.  But the collections didn’t stop with one donation.

Realizing that other students at their school were also struggling with little to no food at home, Michelle, Victor and Isabel worked together in establishing the Eagles Feeding Eagles food pantry. The trio knew the food pantry would help to battle food insecurity and hunger among the school’s students.  

Though the pantry is locked during the school day, students can let a teacher know that they need to ‘go shopping’ and a staff person will assist the student with their needs. All without shame or stigma. 

Childhood hunger is a worldwide problem and its only getting worse but the East Bladen Eagles are helping by feeding one eagle at a time.