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School District Honors Retirees

On June 11, 2019, Bladen County School system honored its recent retirees at a year-end luncheon. Of the 13 retirees present, they served in total in education for over 325 years. Dr. Tanya Head had the most years served as an educator at 37 years. 

Congratulations and well wishes to the 2019 Retirees:

Judy Bachtel, Administrative Assistant, Transportation Department

Hilda Brown, Teacher Assistant, Bladenboro Primary School

Kim Cain, Teacher, West Bladen High School

Pamela Cain, Custodian, Bladenboro Middle School

Helen Carter, Teacher, East Arcadia School

Andera Clark, Teacher, Tar Heel Middle School

Gary Collier, Teacher, West Bladen High School

Fred Cook, Compliance Specialist, District Office

Brenda Dean, Teacher, Bladenboro Middle School

April Graham-Allen, Teacher Assistant, Elizabethtown Primary School

Dr. Tanya Head, Assistant Superintendent, District Office

Sandra Hopkins, Teacher, Plain View Primary

Janet Huggins, AIG Coordinator, Clarkton School of Discovery

Rena Jessup, Teacher, Elizabethtown Middle School

Susan Kelly, Teacher, West Bladen High School

Debra Kinlaw, Teacher, West Bladen High School

Paula Kinlaw, Teacher, Bladenboro Primary School

David Lesane, Foreman, Maintenance Department

Linda Parnell, Teacher, Bladenboro Primary School and Clarkton School of Discovery

Sandra Walters, Payroll Specialist, District Office

Denise Ward, Teacher Assistant, Elizabethtown Middle School