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School-based Outpatient Therapy

Bladen County Schools announces that Coastal Horizons will be providing mental health school-based outpatient therapies for students in all 13 schools for the 2019-2020 school year.

Coastal Horizons offers a variety of mental health services for students in BCS. 

  • Intensive In-home services
  • Day Treatment at Elizabethtown Primary and Elizabethtown Middle
  • Aggression Replacement Training during the 1st semester at Elizabethtown Middle and Clarkton School of Discovery; during the 2nd semester at Tar Heel Middle and Bladeboro Middle
  • School-based Outpatient Therapy for all schools

The agency will work in partnership with BCS guidance, social workers, and MTSS personnel with student referrals.

For more information talk with your child's principal.

Visit the Coastal Horizons website here

Group photo of Coastal Horizons staff

List of School-based Services offered