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Buses and Churches to Help with Meal Delivery

Beginning Monday, March 23 several school buses and churches with help with delivering meals to students.
Nine yellow school buses will be delivering meals to students in the eastern part of the county starting at 11:00 AM. The buses will run a similar route as they do for school pick up and drop off but with slight changes to the route and times. The schools that are in the delivery route are Bladen Lakes, East Arcadia, East Bladen and Clarkton School of Discovery. Households in the bus delivery areas have been notified by phone call, email, and text message of their delivery time.
Area churches will be delivering meals to students in the central and western parts of the county starting at 11:00 AM. Churches will use their church van/s to assist with the deliveries.
Churches helping with delivery are Bethlehem UMC, Bladen Baptist Association, Bladenboro First Baptist, First Baptist Church Clarkton, Foundation Bible, Galeed Baptist, Hickory Grove Baptist, Lake Church, St. Thomas AME, Tar Heel Baptist, and Wesley's Chapel UMC.
The feeding sites at the schools will remain open for pick up of meals. Those school sites are Bladenboro Middle, Clarkton School of Discovery, East Arcadia, Elizabethtown Middle, West Bladen High, Tar Heel Middle, and Bladen Lakes Primary. Meals are available from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM at the school sites.
We thank you in advance for your flexibility and patience as we implement meal delivery. As with any new initiative, some elements will require refinement, and we encourage students and families to contact us for troubleshooting support. We are working hard to support our students.