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Student Insurance

Bladen County Schools has purchased Student Accident Insurance that covers supervised and sponsored school activities. This information provided below
gives you with the opportunity to extend the accident insurance coverage purchased by Bladen County Schools.

Insurance coverage is extended to provide for covered Injuries incurred during the hours and days when school is in session and while
attending or participating in school sponsored and supervised activities on or off school premises. The extended accident coverage provides
coverage during the weekends and Vacation periods, including the entire summer. Students are protected while at home or away, any
place, any time, anywhere. No coverage is provided while participating in 1) Interscholastic Sports or 2) school sponsored and supervised
activities that are already covered under the Student Accident Insurance program purchased by the school.

First page of the PDF file: 23-24StudentEnsuranceFormEnglish
First page of the PDF file: 23-24StudentInsuranceFormSpanish