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Who to Contact

School-based issues and concerns must first be routed to the building level principal. District contacts will review concerns and inquiries once the building level principal has had an opportunity to respond. Please follow the process as outlined to ensure prompt assistance. If you do not follow the process from the beginning, you will be asked to contact the appropriate staff member as indicated here.

Role of Board Members in Handling Concerns and Complaints

It is the goal of the school district to address concerns and complaints in a timely manner. The flowchart provided below outlines the process in which concerns and complaints will be addressed. In accordance with Board Policy 2122, an individual board member who receives a complaint or inquiry concerning a school matter will refer the individual to the appropriate school administrator. Board members will not take individual action with regard to complaints other than referring them to the proper administrative employee, as outlined in the flowchart below.


Your first contact should be to your student's teacher.


If your student's teacher cannot assist, contact your school administrator.


If a school administrator cannot assist, contact the appropriate District Lead team member as indicated below.


If a District Lead team member is unable to assist, contact the Superintendent's Office.